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Evoking Lumberjack Spirit.

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The Project

To create synergy between the institutional brand and galvanize a prideful Flagstaff community, Northern Arizona University [NAU] Athletics sought a revamped identity program for its Lumberjacks brand. The new brand identity needed to instill pride and the spirit of the outdoors in the Lumberjack mascot, while establishing a modern relevance to drive its athletics programs forward.

How We Won the Heart

The Lumberjacks identity program draws on the rich visual iconography of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona to deliver a brand that is clean, aspirational and reflective of the community it proudly represents. The primary mark utilizes the iconic lumberjack axe to create a strong retaining shape, which houses an angular font treatment inspired by the San Francisco peaks and local Ponderosa Pines. These elements are consistent throughout the identity suite, including in the program’s secondary mark, ligature, wordmark and mascot, to unite the NAU community around the hardworking and inspiring Lumberjack spirit.
The overwhelming success of the Lumberjacks’ rebranding prompted the creation of a consolidated University identity, which combines the strength of the Athletics ligature and acronym with the sophistication of a new institutional wordmark.