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Is your organization ready for a brand evolution? Consider the following questions as you contemplate taking the first step in the process:
  • Why is the organization considering this initiative?
  • What is the vision?
  • Does the brand currently have an articulated positioning statement and set of operational values?
  • Who within the organization sparked this idea and why?
  • Are key decision makers on board?
  • What are the objectives for the new or refreshed brand?
  • How does general staff feel about this project?
  • What is the budget and timeline?
  • If seeking outside help for the brand, what does the agency selection process look like?
  • What structure will the decision making process employ?
  • What are the project’s criteria beyond cost versus ROI?
  • What department and / or people within the organization are set to manage and evangelize the new brand once complete?
  • What does success look like?
The answers to these internal organizational questions are essential to ensuring an efficient, successful outcome.